In this article i will show why CCCAM Server is still good for germany and other country’s likes italy and spain….

First of all you need to know ?

What is cccam server ?

lots of people ask what is cccam server? and what is the benefits of using card sharing technology. To day i decided that i will write an article about it and explain how does cccam server work and how you can setup it.

Im sure this article will help new people to understand what is cccam, oscam and new camd, so let’s start.

CCCAM or card sharing is a new sharing technology that allows multiple customers to watch full of bouquet with only one subscription using sharing protocol that access the smart card via Cloud netowrk to allow the customers to watch TV.

How can i use cccam server ?

To start using a cccam server first of all you will satellite receiver and Clines, get your free test cccam here and start testing cccam,

For more information about how to setup cccam click here